The lazy environmentalist!

To my Great Grand Kids,

Most of us know the basics and think ‘We are doing our little bit!’ That’s the problem really ‘our little bit’ is trite! It’s a massive problem and there’s loads more that needs to be done, but for the most part the stuff we DO know how to do on a daily basis we find doing it all a little bit too hard!


Whether it is…

Not rinsing out the recyclables because frankly they are lucky that I am recycling at all. (most of our recycling is contaminated anyway),

Not checking to see whether it is one of the recyclable plastics that your bin accepts, because that is a second I can’t get back when I am rushed off my feet preparing dinner, I’m not even sure which is which,

Emptying water bottles down the sink because hell, walking out the back and reusing our grey water on plants takes too much effort right now, who does that anyway,

Washing our clothes in hot water because I forgot to change the settings back to cold,

Chucking our clothes in the dryer because its Sunday arvo and just started raining instead of drying our clothes when it’s sunny (google the weather people or plan ahead),

Thinking whether we should in fact pour that left over oil down the sink (is bottling it into land fill better than contaminating our waterways I don’t even know, scrolling Facebook is far more interesting than researching this stuff? )

Not giving the council a call to see where you can recycle your batteries and light bulbs because you don’t in fact have the time, I’ll chuck them on top of a cupboard somewhere and maybe when I move house they can go in the too hard to sort skip.

Doing something about the drawer you have which has turned into a graveyard of mobile phones, because you never have enough storage anyway and ‘Oh the memories’ that are probably on that red Nokia that no one would even have a charger for anyway. I do have a pile of cords which I have hoarded for a decade that I could skip bin one day too?

Putting 4 apples into a little plastic bag at the supermarket, because they might roll around at the check out or even god forbid, roll out of the second bigger plastic bag in the boot of the car!

Buying blue chemical pellets at Bunnings instead of taking the time to go out at night and pick snails off your veggie patch because who can commit to that. Waaaayy too hard.

Hells not growing my own veg, because it doesn’t look as perfect as that stuff in shops and it usually has little holes from some creature that I didn’t manage to kill in it! I want the same homogenised produce all year round please.

Not sourcing an alternative to plastic sandwich bags and glad wrap because they don’t sell green things like that at my Coles.

Turning the air-conditioner onto heating on because I am too lazy to get out the winter quilt, the oil heater or hell even a jumper out of the cupboard. Besides I enjoy walking around in a singlet and shorts in mid winter.

Just getting the kids out the door when I notice you have left the outside light on, probably the fan on and likely laptop, iPad, mobile phone charger.

Just getting the kids into the car and forgetting my reusable bags, gosh that was hard enough .. I’m not going back in.

I’ve been guilty of all of this at one time or another. I’ve got a million excuses though, I’m still doing my bit, but sometimes I’m stressed or busy or lazy or bored of it all! It costs too much money, wastes too much of my energy and is all too hard. If my great grandchildren are reading this.. that is why!


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