To be born already at the END of a list.

I don’t even know if it is a real word or concept. But I have been using it for so long in my current life that ‘Alphabetacide’ is real!

Alphabeticide: (as defined by me) is the active discrimination of a person or group of persons based on their arbitrary alphabetical order of merit. e.g. who comes first.

The current Roman alphabet consists of 26 letters. Placed in an order which is learnt by rote by most children at a very young age. This order exists to establish status in application to certain goods and services and groupings by way of a means called simply ‘alphabetical order’. Put simply if you begin with an ‘A’ for example. You will go first. Unless you are a number that is.

Businesses savy to this and trying to establish higher merit will adorn their business with names such as AAAEngineering or 123plumbing. What it means in terms of marketing is dollars. And in real life practices still exist to this day whereby humans are subjugated to what is known as alphabetical order processing.

Education, financial processing and to a lesser extent work place administration are all savvy to this this somewhat arbitrary whim, which costs people, time, dollars and dignity.

To always come last or expect to come last is a final concept.

My mother had a last name which landed in .. shall we say.. the tail end of the alphabet. (From W down is the whipping tail).
She one day aspired to marry UP the alphabet, and unfortunately managed through slim odds (of the rest of W, X, Y and Z) to marry down.


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