Hump day,
Tight ass Tuesdays,
Sunday Sessions,
The bliss of waking up on a Saturday morning.

So much emotion and feeling goes into the psychology of the days of the week.
A social construct of 7 days.

Sunday evenings used to fill me with dread.

So what happened…? I experienced being a shift worker.

I used to work lots of weekends and most of my days off were in the week. I worked Saturday Sunday and Monday. MY weekend was Tuesday and Wednesday. On Friday afternoon people always say to me.. Have a good weekend! Not just once, but loads. I notice this, because I invariably think,Thanks. It’s akin to someone saying to you (regular office worker you).. Hey have a great Monday! .. try it.. see what they say.. how they feel!!

So in my haze of confusion, (mainly due to mushed up circadian rythymns and occasionally being known to have drunk booze at 6am after a night shift) I decided to rename the days of the week. The psychology of a day had stuck so deeply entrenched in my psyche and in our culture that it was a way of coping.

If I was finishing a block of shifts on a Sunday night and was filling up petrol, I’d say to the servo attendant. TGIFriday!! If I was starting a block on a Saturday I would lament Mondayitis! Saturdayitis just didn’t have the same ring!

There are quite a few advantages of working out of hours. However, in some ways I really missed things that occur on the weekends. Birthday parties and celebrations wait for no one. Shift penalties in my business pay a heck of a lot of needed money. And if you have out of hours friends that you can hang out with like my unemployed, stay at home parents, and fellow shifties.. it can be quite fun. Also if you also have a partner who is a one of these.. you can be quite spoilt by cruising about when the majority of plebs are at work. My boyfriend and I have been to the cheaper gold class movie sessions during the day when no one else was there and enjoyed talking out loud!

I have had a proposal for a while now. I would so love it to get up, but i know that people shun change. Many people have floated the 3 day weekend utopian ideal, but this is good. It’s really good. …an 8 day week!!!

I am used to having 3 days off at a time. Standard. 2 is BS! One to drink, one to recover.. and then.. when do you get all the other stuff done?? You need 3 days off on a weekend right!? Proponents of the 4 day week.. have the right idea, but get shunned economically. Why not whack an extra day in? Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Funday or (hung day?) whatever.. do what you will day?? I say, the economy will thank you! An extra day for shopping, gardening, cooking, visiting.. I don’t know what you do with your weekend, but every weekend will become an event! Going away for a long weekend will become a constant. Not one you have to fight the masses for. Caravan sales will go up for one. More going out for dinner, more time to be productive with what you love.

Hell, the economy is going to love it so much that maybe just maybe we need a 9 day week. Bring it. 6 to earn the money and 3 to spend it.

It’s time for a change. Stop thinking this this week BS is set in stone. Be brave. Think outside the 7 days!


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