Literally, when life gives you lemons.
I have a reasonably big lemon tree which has quite a lot of lemons on it. Way more than I could ever furnish my Coronas with or dabble with my attempts at morning lemon detoxes.

They are starting to fall and starting to rot. I am a member of a PIF (Pay It Forward) group and I love giving. There is so much waste and want in this world and at them end of the day Lemons are $1 each in the shops.

So about a month back I put my favourite cane washing basket out the front with a sign saying free lemons. I like spying on the cars pulling up and grabbing a few. It went great guns for the first day and the basket was empty and someone kindly put it close to my house. Thrilled by their success I refilled the basket and came home that night to find the basket and all the lemons gone.

How rude.. Are you serious.. These were some of the words floating around my head. I went out and spied my sign on the grass. FREE.. it said, the rain had washed off the word lemons. I like to think that it was someone stupid rather than opportunistically greedy that took my favourite basket. A basket that I spent too much on when I saved up stuff to first move out of home.

So today. The lemons keep coming. I decide to put another basket full of lemons out the front. This time in my old plastic washing basket. I make a sign this time saying Free Lemons. Please do not take the basket. I had so many lemons so I thought.. why not.. Ill put out two baskets!!

When I came out with the second basket a man was crossing the road towards me. Would you like some lemons I say. ‘Yes’ he says I want 3. He takes them and walks off. he didn’t even say thank you. Oh well maybe he felt uncomfortable.

I went about cleaning my house and looked out an hour later. BOTH of my washing baskets and the lemons were gone!! I felt like crying. Assholes! Seriously. What is the point of trying to do a good thing for people. My fucking washing baskets. ALL of them! The sign was left. Like a slap in the face! Was it because I put ‘please don’t take the basket’ that some rebellious kid decided to take it? I went out in the hope that maybe it had blown off down the street. But no. I picked up my wet and soggy sign. It had rained. I am hoping that maybe the sign fell down and they didn’t realise that the baskets weren’t free. But I doubt it. To quell my anger and sadness I like to hope that all my washing baskets and lemons went to someone truly in need. I like to think the best of people and if not I like to try and see the best in bad situations.

So… When life gives you lemons. Fucking keep them.


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