Face F*$K Personalities

Have you ever read Facebook backwards? I do sometimes and try and guess who of my friends is writing each post!
There’s the whingers (I don’t mind the odd rant) but there is those that expose graphic details of their gastro and/or sex fails not once but compulsively
The spiritualists.. posting borrowed quotes
The politicists.. usually far right or left .. of which I have been guilty of. I don’t find my political view radical.. but if society does.. then how many friends ended up in the ‘never to be missed’ ditch!?
The racist and/or sexist jokers… I can’t resist a joke.. so I get bit every time.
The tediousnists.. stuff I groan at.. ‘I did 4km for 5 min and I think I lost one inch from my waist’. I am proud of your effort to exercise.. and get healthy.. but the minutiae daily hurts.
The angstists.. ranting and deleting constantly.. love it. Just have to keep up .. because if you miss it.. it will be deleted.
The drunks.. Need I say more! Again it is a small window of insight.
The arguments.. you are lucky if you are awake in the night to catch some amazing shade throwing.. enlightening and ‘can’t look away type’ accident watching.
The diarists. I caught the train, I got a ticket, I didn’t get a seat.’ Awesome.
The conspiracists. Love exploring ‘out there ideas’ but seriously.. some of it must be fuelled by weed.
The Babyists.. (been there).. here is my kid at age 4.5months.. what a mile stone. Check my baby smearing blah over my used to be awesome home.
The profile changers.
The sports proud. ‘We won!’. Wow.. I didn’t know that you were playing!
The awesomists.. You know the type the ones that you covet their amazing travel adventures, cool new jobs and amaze.. festivals! WAaaahhh! I wanna be there.

Really who really knows who.
In full disclosure.. in my life I have never culled my FB.. only ever deleted one ‘friend’ regrettably and love every bit of your work..well I’m a compulsive anyway. I don’t limit my profile or edit for choice. I like people and am interested in your psyches, good, bad and indifferent. I admire the choices of those that chose to be offline and miss them. I wonder at the voyeurs! I have people that I only really know through FB and those that I ONLY know through FB. You light up my life and eat up my days.


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